Sunday, 26 August 2012

perfect pie crust and dutch apple pie (appeltaart)

Dutch apple pie (appeltaart) is for me one of the dutch delights. Like some other dutch food, it's not at all flashy. And have this hearty character of home cooking. On a sunny Saturday afternoon (happens sometimes...), one of the best thing to do is to have a slice of apple pie with coffee somewhere in an old town center.
Dutch apple pie
A typical dutch apple pie has this shape as shown in the picture. It contains a pie crust at the bottom, then filled up with apples that are cut into blocks and spiced by cinnamon. And on top, the pie is usually decorated with grids.

Apple pie is also one of the favourite choice to bring to work for birthday celebrations. Throughout the country, the custom is that ppl have to bring cakes to work on his/her own birthday, so that every colleague can share a piece and congratulate the birthday person for surviving another year. Not very fond of this custom, like it more to prepare a cake for a friend who has birthday (or to receive one ;) )..

Made apple pie many times, but the taste of my apple pie (especially the pie crust) fluctuates really a lot, sometimes really good and other tims not great. Think one of the problem is that I usually don't write down exactly how I did it or which recipe i followed each time. This time I wanted to bring a apple pie to a friend's birthday. To make sure that the particular on will be a good one, I practiced a few rounds until it's perfect. And here is the recipe for this perfect apple pie, together with some explanations

Saturday, 11 August 2012

how many ml is 1 tsp/tbsp

Together with the bread machine, I got also a new tool for standardizing the volume measure of spoons. And according to this tool, the standards are:
1 tsp = 5 ml
1 tbsp = 15 ml
calibrate 2 spoon sets
I've got two different tea spoon and two different table spoons at home, one set from IKEA and another set from Blokker. Turns out, the IKEA tea spoons and Blokker table spoons are both in spec! while my IKEA table spoon and Blokker tea spoon underestimate.

A new lemon-almond cake

The last try of making the lemon-almond cake, I didn't use enough almond flour. As I bought a few bags of almond flour during my last visit to France, I gave the recipe a 2nd try.
Lemon almond cake

Tapenade with sun-dried tomatoes and black olives

Since summer, supermarket starts to sell a very nice tapenade, that's essential for a bbq.
Tapenade from supermarket
But it's only sold in very small packs and seem to be never enough for any one. I tried to make it myself instead, by blending most ingredients. And the result is quite popular :)

Monday, 6 August 2012

lasagne ribbon with spinach, ricotta and tomato

This recipe is according to the new ah book one of the 9 top recipes. It appeared in January 2011. For me, this recipe is of course not as elegant as the insurmountable penne courgette, also not so "heavenly" as the cabonara, but this hearty dish has got perfect colors, and is very flexible and versatile in contrast to the other two.
Made it a few times, original version, as well as some variations. Never disappointing.
lasagne ribbon with spinach, ricotta and tomato

Spaghetti carbonara

Carbonara is supposed to be super basic. With the right recipe, however, it can be very very nice, in such a way that I'm smiling thinking of the creamy taste of it :) And I happened to found the right recipe! again from the book of Miranda Shearer.
spaghetti carbonara

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

artichoke cream sauce with salmon

Finally summer time here! Rumor says that it will be over already by the end of this week. I have to hurry to share this awesome recipe that's perfect for a simple summer dinner.
It's a very easy but brilliant sauce, just have to mix canned artichoke hearts with cream fraiche. This sauce goes very well with salmon and rivioli. Or as a dip. Original recipe came from Andres.
Salmon with artichoke hearts cream sauce